Veteran Friendly Congregation Registration

We appreciate your interest and the investment of your time spent learning how your congregation can better serve veterans and their families.

We remind you that in order for us to recognize your place of worship as a “Veteran Friendly Congregation” you need only follow through with these steps:

1. Complete the VFC registration form 06-02-14

2. Discover who in your congregation has served in the military.

3. Designate a member of that group to be a point of contact with us.

4. Discuss with your congregation the needs of your particular veterans.

5. Design your ministry to meet the specific needs of your veterans and their families.

Your congregation will be officially recognized by Peter McCall of Care For The Troops, and the Veterans Friendly Congregation Initiative, Your involvement will be published on both of these websites. You will receive a certificate indicating the day your congregation entered into this ministry and began partnering with these two organizations.

Your commitment toward becoming a Veteran Friendly Congregation begins with raising awareness among the current members now that you have this program in place. We urge you to publish this ministry in your bulletins, newsletters and websites at least on a monthly basis. Your veterans need to know to whom they can turn for assistance.

We stand ready to help. We are volunteers who want to encourage you to help us bring an end to the suffering of our fellow veterans. Thank you again for what you will do to serve those who have served!

For additional information for your church or organization feel free to contact ( see information below) for an orientation.

Freddie Owens, Chair, Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative              865-405-634       

Dennis Lovin, Co-Chair, Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative            865-755-1161       

Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative Office                                           865-253-2794            

When War Comes Home Forum Press Conference 04/03/2014

Here is a link to the article from the Knox News Sentinel:

Freddie and his Pastor Dr. Ed King joined Mayor Tim Burchett this morning in a news conference about our Veteran Friendly Initiative. Hats off to Freddie for representing us well this morning and we thank many of the supporters who attended.

Our Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative phone 865-253-2794 has been ringing off the hook since.  Please call us if you are interested in joining us or want more information and would like to have a committee visit your organization.

Thanks for all of your hard work, dedication and continued service.


On behalf of our members,

Thank you,

Freddie Owens, Chair

Dennis Lovin, Co-Chair