When Women Veterans Return Home

VA offers many readjustment solutions

Letting go of your active duty lifestyle can be tough, especially after returning home. Are you wondering how you fit in with your family, friends and loved ones? Do you feel alone and isolated or that your relationships aren’t as close as they used to be? If so, VA offers a variety of services to help women Veterans readjust to life at home. Learn more.

Vet to Vet Tennessee & Council’s work recognized

Dr. Andrew Sexton visiting with WWII POW Robert Chadwick.

January 10, 2018. The Council received the following email from the VA Knoxville Outpatient Clinic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Sexton recognizing the Council and VTVT for their service and sacrifice in FY 2018. Below is two paragraph’s from Dr. Sexton’s email. Read More

1st Colorado VMFC Enrolled in 2019

This year began with Pastor CJ Counts enrolling Grace of the Lord Bible Fellowship in the VMFC program; Bob Curtis is the VMFC lay leader.

During the enrollment, Pastor Counts stated “We desire to help vets in any way we can.” This comment precisely follows the mission of the church.

  • Follow Jesus
  • Reach The Lost
  • Raise Up Disciples
  • Send Out Leaders

“All that we do and say is oriented around these matters, as they are of the highest importance to us.”

Let’s welcome and pray for our newest VFMC.

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FY 2018 Annual Report Published

During our first Council meeting of 2019, the FY 2018 annual report was released and reviewed. We are proud to announce that we made all six (6) of our FY 2018 goals.  Since our inception we have had 48 goals to achieve and we have completed all but one (1).  Outstanding innovative work due to your prayers, collaboration, support, dedication and sacrifice..

Click here to view the 19 page report. Included in the report is our six (6) goals for FY 2019 which are listed below: Read More