When War Comes Home


Our Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative (VFCI) is now taking reservations for our

 “When War Comes Home” Forum on May 1, 2014.

Sponsored by the Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative

Your congregation can be an environment of acceptance for veterans and their families.

Did you know that veterans are five times more likely to seek help from their clergy than every VA service combined?

Your congregation could help promote awareness of the needs of those sacrificing their time and effort to support our country.

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 VFCI hotline at 865-253-2794!

FY 2013 Accomplishments and FY 2014 Goals

Look inside here to view the accomplishments made possible by the numerous dedicated members.  It is truly an honor to continue to serve and look what we have planned in 2014!  If you have any recommendations for additional goals, please leave you comments and/or suggestions with the Council.