Vet to Vet TN

The mission of Vet to Vet TN is to provide peer support for Veterans recovering from mental health issues and substance abuse, and offers strategies and coping skills for living a healthy lifestyle. 

Our motto:

“Each One, Reach One, Teach One.”

Our goal is to provide a safe haven to any Veteran within our area of service.  Vet to Vet TN gives veterans a sense of worth that allows them to support and promote their own recovery.  By being patients and supporters ,and through shared experiences and peer to peer support, veterans can gain strength, courage, and ownership when it comes to advocating their recovery.

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  1. Hi,
    We lost a great friend to suicide yesterday and our Group is going to be raising funds for his family and for a local charity that helps with veterans PTSD.
    We are also looking for a charity to work with in 2018 for a large Jeep event we hold. We will be holding an event on Memorial Day weekend and will have a charity raffle. In the past we raised funds for Smoky Mountain Service Dogs. Last year we donated over 12k to them.
    If you have interest in working with us please let me know. I would also like more info on how you help veterans locally and how much of the donations actually stay in this area.

    1. Good afternoon Jeep We are sorry to hear that another brother has lost his life to suicide. We have been advocates of Veteran Suicide for years. We see your founders, Peter and Pamela Broockman are from Maryville, TN. So is our Council Chairman and V2VT Treasurer. Please let us know how we can support your organization. We have a evidence-based Veteran Specific QPR suicide prevention training we provide for free and work with numerous agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN), Huamana, Inc. and Cornerstone of Recovery in Alcoa TN. Please contact me, Ed Junod, at 865-850-8376 to discuss veterans advocacy and a potential network/partnership with The Jeep Pray and work…for God and Country. Ed Junod

    2. Hi Pete:
      I am a member of a recent chartered AMVETS Post 22 in Maryville. We have partnered with Vet-2-Vet and a separate section of Habitat 4 Humanity to do repairs and formed Repairs For Hero’s. Our Post along with donations from a construction company, roofing company and Anderson Lumber Company have already replaced or repaired two roofs for veterans who cannot afford to do this and redone a bathroom for a veteran who desperately needed it. Please contact our Post at I will share your information with our Commander, Mark Frederick.

      1. Thank you, Doris, for your response and support. Our “Repairs For Heroes” was conceived and implemented in October 2017 as a pilot program between Vet to Vet Tennessee, Blount County Habitat For Humanity and Amvets Post 22. The name of the program represents the mission: to help repair the mind, body, spirit and home of veterans in need. Because of the dedication of the three organizations and the outstanding effort by Johnny Titlow and Karl Griffith and the generosity of the vendors and the Post, two homes have been completed. Currently we have three families in the program and sure there are many more who can use our support. Please let others know about the program. Contributions to the Blount County “Repairs for Heroes” program can be donated to Amvets Post 22, Blount County Habitat For Humanity or Vet to Vet Tennessee.
        Vet to Vet Tennessee has already applied for grants and seeking donations to continue to support our pilot program but also to expand the program to other counties and service organizations. If you are interested in learning how to become a “repairs for heroes” mentor or would like to learn how to start the program in another county. please contact us at 865-336-2624 or leave us a message. With your support, we will never leave a fallen veteran behind.

  2. Good afternoon… I am with the Chapter here in Columbia and I would like to know how and who to contact, to be able to get pamphlets to be able to hand out to our brothers and sisters that may need help. I also set up a Veterans Corner alone with free BBQ at BBQ cook offs around the state. Any help that you can give me will be appreciated…

    thanks Joe

  3. I have a neighbor who served in Vietnam when Agent Orange was being sprayed . Does he qualify for special benefits and what must he do to get them ? Thank You………Dan Mercer

    1. Good afternoon Daniel. Your neighbor should be enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration for medical support. To file a claim for agent orange disability he should go to a certified Veteran Service Officer and file a claim. We’ll be happy to talk to your neighbor. Please call us at 865-336-2624. Thanks for your friends support.

  4. Good afternoon! My name is Beth Meredith, and I am a Senior English Lecturer at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In my English 255 (Public Writing) course, I assign my students a local non-profit for which to raise awareness and raise funds through, a crowdfunding platform.
    I have utilized this course design for four years now with great success for several different non-profits. However, I have been assigned to teach three sections of this course this fall, so I am in need of more non-profits to participate.
    Very little is required of the non-profit in this situation. Students will need a contact person to receive approval of their campaign materials, and either I or you will need to supply banking account information to Indiegogo, as they deposit any funds raised directly into your bank account.
    Would your non-profit be willing to participate in this fund raising opportunity? I currently do not have any veteran-related non-profits participating, and I would love to have your organization represented!
    I’m happy to answer any questions!
    Thank you for your time.
    Beth Meredith
    Senior English Lecturer, University of Tennessee

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