Volunteers of America Tennessee




WE ARE reaching out to veterans in East TN, who are in need of securing employment and stable housing, through grants provided by the Departments of Labor and Veteran Affairs.


Do you know…?  If you have ever served in the military or someone you know has, take the time to contact a representative of Volunteers of America…

See if you are able to take advantage of the program grants and service referrals.

FREE to all qualified veterans with other than a dishonorable discharge. Must have only one day of active duty in any branch of service and meet one of the HUD definitions of homeless. Call today to find out if you qualify…865-257-1419 or 865-951-0682.

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  1. I recently relocated from Fl to Tn. I have two dogs who r emotional support animals who r presently in a kennel..i hav to get them tue morning and have no where to go. I”m a vet and senior (76yrs old and on social security. I desperate need of your help because i don’t want to end up living on the streets with my dogs. Please help us, please i beg u.

    1. Thank you for your service and sorry to hear about your situation. We received your message and phone and tried to call you. No answer. Please call us at 865-850-8376 as soon as you can. Be safe and blest.

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