Free 25 minute online suicide prevention course

The hope for this course is that you will become empowered to play a vital role in suicide prevention.

S.A.V.E. which stands for Signs, Ask, Validate, Encourage & Expedite, offers simple steps anyone – whether a treatment provider, clinician, friend or family member – can take when talking with Veterans at risk for suicide.

The 25-minute online training course covers three main topics: 1) Suicide as a public health issue in the U.S.  2) Signs that a Veteran may be at risk for suicide.  3) Actions people can take if they identify a Veteran at risk.

Click here to go to the online S.A.V.E.

The  25-minute online course is great refresher course and/or is a great opportunity to learn about suicide prevention when you are unable to attend an in-person QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper course.

We recommend attending a class QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper course which is provided for free by Vet to Vet Tennessee.  The course is 90-120 minutes.  To learn more or register click here.

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