Expungement Clinics

Third Expungement clinic coming to Polk County Tennessee on Saturday, November 23, 2019 thanks to the generosity of the Tennessee Bar Association, Judge Sandra Donaghy, Judge Brooklynn Townsend, Clerk of Courts Melissa Keith, Public Defender Richard Hughes, UT College of Law Legal Clinic, and Vet to Vet Tennessee. Click here to view the details of the upcoming clinic.

The Tennessee Expungement statute allows people with criminal records to file a petition to expunge all dismissed charges for free after the charge is dismissed and court costs are paid, and to file a motion to expunge up to two eligible low-level convictions after a five year waiting period.  But reading a criminal record and determining if charges and convictions are eligible is not easy.

Since Fall 2015, Joy Radice has directed our one-credit Expungement Clinic, offered to enable more students to experience live-client opportunities in advance of being eligible to appear in court. What began with a hotline, a few enthusiastic 1Ls from Professor Radice’s criminal law class, and a commitment to representing individuals with important legal needs quickly grew into a full-fledged clinic in which students, in collaboration with the prosecutor’s office, assist dozens of individuals each week in securing expungements from their criminal history. Professor Radice’s experience with the expungement project, her committee work with stakeholders redrafting juvenile expungement legislation, and her role as Co-Chair of the Expungement Subcommittee of the Knoxville Bar Association Access to Justice Committee has inspired her scholarship and her vision of a truly Reintegrative State.

If you think that you might be eligible for this free legal assistance, call the UT Clinic hotline at 865-974-6775.

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