At sometime in your life,you may need emergency care.This document explains what VA might be able to do for you.When it is not possible for you to go to a VA Medical Center,you should go to the nearest hospital that has an emergency room.If you are in an ambulance,the paramedics will usually take you to the closest emergency room.


The 2013 WHAT EVERY VETERAN SHOULD KNOW, 77th Edition book is a must-have for service officers and those who advocate veterans’ benefits. It contains all the latest VA legislation and entitlements changes up through the end of 2012, which are usually finalized every December. The book covers Veterans ‘benefits, rights, privileges, and services over which the Department of Veterans Affairs has jurisdiction.   The regular cost of the book on and other locations is $23 each.

Howard Jenkins is a LPG member and thanks to his generosity, he is offering the 2013 book to LPG members for $10.00!  Howard is also offering the 2013 book to non-members for $15.  Contact Howard by telephone at 865-748-5422 or by email at


VA Sevierville clinic started a PTSD Workgroup on August 14, 2013

A PTSD Workgroup began on Wednesday, 8-14-13 and will last for 16 weeks.  Four (4) of our Knoxville LPG members joined the Sevierville group and we are thankful the MH staff for conducting their first PTSD Workgroup.  Vet to Vet TN has agreed to create a peer support group in Sevierville when the Workgroup is released from the VA clinician.  Vet to Vet TN has already secured a free meeting location and will provide a trained Vet to Vet TN Peer Facilitator.

Three New Vet to Vet TN Peer Support Facilitators

After completing a week of training by Edward “Ed” Drew from Vet to Vet USA, three (3) new Peer Facilitators (PFs) are trained and certified by James “Moe” Armstrong (founder of Vet to Vet USA).  Our new PFs are:  Meggan Morin, Howard Morin and Frank Vollmer.  We are blessed to have three new PFs join Vet to Vet TN and look forward their support.  Jesse Rivera, Freddie Owens and Ed Junod were also trained by Ed Drew and were re-certified by Moe Armstrong.  If anyone is interested in becoming a PF please feel free to contact any of the members.