Chosin Reservoir Army Veteran awarded Ambassador For Peace Medal

We received the medals and we are so honored, my Dad would have been so proud. This is so wonderful how they are recognizing all those who served. 

My Mom reminded me how my Dad was in the foxhole and two different times, the man he was in the foxhole with, was shot and killed.  God certainly spared my Dad’s life for a reason and my Dad was always a wonderful Christian example.  We are so proud of our Dad.  My Mom and Dad got married right after he came home from Korea and they were married for 60 years.

We will send a picture of my Mom with the medals.  Thank you again this has truly been a blessing.

God Bless You and God Bless America.

When COV-19 vaccine comes, VA will be ready

Planning is underway at VA to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available. VA is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a phased plan based on five core ethical pillars: safety, maximizing the benefit of the vaccine, equity, fairness and transparency.

Veteran and employee safety remain our #1 priority. The plan takes into consideration a number of risk factors, including risks of acquiring infection, severe illness and death if infected, and transmitting the disease, as well as the risk to essential workers, including health care personnel. Continue reading

McMinn County TN and Vet to Vet TN honor 5 Korean War Veterans

Susan Peglow, McMinn County Tennessee’s Veterans Service Officer partnered with Vet to Vet Tennessee to honor U.S. Korean War Veterans during a ceremony Susan scheduled on November 9, 2020 at 0900. McMinn County Mayor John Gentry and District 23 State Representative Mark Cochran participated in the celebration and presented four McMinn County Korean War Veterans with the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador for Peace Medal and Proclamation.

The four recipients are from left to right: William Queen (Army), JC Bledsoe (Army), Alvin Tallent (Navy), Arrants Kennedy (Army). Mr Jerome Reid (Navy) was not present for the ceremony due to health condition but he was presented the Medal and Proclamation at home by Susan Peglow.

Service & Sacrifice: Peace medals for war veterans

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — An unexpected surprise from the government and the people of South Korea left one veteran of that war almost speechless. 

“It just filled my heart, it really did that they thought that much of us,” said Air Force veteran Charles Quagliana displaying his Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal.

The gold medal and purple ribbon are a tribute to American veterans of the three-year war in Korea from 1950-1953.   The medal once went to veterans who returned to Korea after the war as a “thank you” for their service.  But that effort has expanded to any veteran who served in that conflict, living or dead.

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