New QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Class scheduled June 2019 in Knoxville

Vet to Vet Tennessee (VTVT) announced today that enrollment for the May 16th QPR Instructor Class is closed.

In order to approved current scholarship requests, VTVT has been scheduled a new QPR Gatekeeper class on June 27, 2019 in Knoxville Tennessee. VTVT is providing 15 Free $500.00 scholarships for this class.

To review the scholarship requirements and/or to enroll in the June 27th class please click here. At the end of the 8 hour class you will able to save a life! Enroll now.

Service and Sacrifice: Suicide Warning Signs

Emily Hager, A Navy veteran in East Tennessee who lost her military husband to suicide is sharing their story in an effort to help families facing similar struggles. Emily is the Co-Chairwomen of the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council, Chairwoman of Women Veterans Committee, Women Veteran Advocate for Vet to Vet Tennessee, Doctoral Candidate, University of Tennessee Knoxville and a QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper instructor.

A happy beginning with her Navy husband turned tragic for Emily.

“As time progressed, I realized he was isolating himself…wouldn’t really reach out to friends that he had,” recalled Ms. Hager about her husband Kevin who took his own life three years ago.

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The House of Worship Enrolls in the VMFC

The House of Worship lead by Pastor Anthony Collins and U.S. Air Force Veteran Lay Leader Lisa Wilkerson enrolled their church into VMFC family on Friday April 12, 2019. Pastor Collins and Lisa Wilkerson are excited to become part of the VMFC network.

Upon receiving their MCA welcome letter and VMFC certificate, Pastor Collins wrote “We are blessed to be part of the military family team and look forward to helping in any way that we can.  Many blessings and we wish you a blessed Holy Week!”

This is the second VMFC in Oak Ridge Tennessee. Let’s thank God for their support and participation.

If you would like to send Pastor Collins or Lisa a message please leave your comment below. Be blessed and happy.

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Marine graduates from Monroe County Veterans Court

MC Veterans Court Judge Dwaine B. Thomas opened his courtroom for the graduation of 31 year old Marine Eric Ryan Busch for the successful completion of Veterans Court program. The event was delayed an hour due to a lengthy case prior to the graduation so many of the County officials had to leave prior to the graduation. County Mayor Mitch Ingram, city council and sheriff department members were present but had to leave for prior engagements.

Fortunately all of the Vet to Vet Tennessee members including Eric’s mentor Randall Scott were present. Eric thanked Judge Thomas, the Veterans Court, Helen Ross McNabb Military Services Center Clinical Therapist Lisa Wilkerson, Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Case Manager Susannah Wilson and Vet to Vet Tennessee for restoring and saving his life. Eric is a proud father of two young children and a very happily married husband. Thanks to Susannah Eric has a new full time job that he loves. He committed to the Judge that he would help other veterans in need, especially those who are contemplating suicide.

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