VA Dr. Robert Hierholzer received “The JL” Award

Joseph “JL” Tucker Memorial Award Recipients

August 9, 2018.  Department of Veterans Affairs Knoxville Outpatient Clinic’s Acting Supervisory Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Hierholzer receives the JL Award from Mountain Home VAMC Facility Director Dean Borsis on behalf of the Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee for his outstanding service and sacrifice as the Chief Mental Health Director at the clinic for over 1 year.  Dr. Hierholzer also served as the Council’s KOPC liaison. Upon receiving the award from Mr. Borsis, Dr Hierholzer sent us the following email: Dr. Hierholzer retires at the end of August 2018.

“I was utterly surprised and honored to receive the Joseph “JL” Tucker Memorial Award from Mr. Borsos just a few moments ago.  It means a lot to me.  I will write more later, but until then I wanted to communicate my deep appreciation.”  Received Dr. Hierholzer’s more letter on 9-13-18.

VA Video Connect Links Veterans to Doctors

Join the Facebook Live event with VFW September 18

Facebook app on mobile phone

Traveling to a clinic or a hospital isn’t the only way to see your doctor. Instead of going to the doctor’s office for your health care appointment, why not use a secure video connection from the comfort of your own home? On Tuesday, September 18 at noon ET, VA’s Office of Connected Care and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are hosting a Facebook Live event to discuss VA Video Connect, VA’s virtual appointment technology.

When you join the Facebook discussion, you will learn how to use the VA Video Connect App to connect with your health care provider using the camera on your phone, computer, or tablet. You’ll even see how you can access your virtual medical room and meet with your VA care team with any device that has an internet connection, a web camera, a microphone, and speakers.

Vet to Vet TN preparing for Women Veterans Summit

Knoxville Regional Veteran Mental Health Council Co-Chairwoman and Chairwoman Women Veterans Summit Emily Hager is helping pull the summit together in early October and explains the event. Event is being held at Redemption Church not Redemption International as listed on the video below.

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Military Chaplains Association of America Executive Director Notes

“This has been an absolutely great week. It started with a great learning opportunity for me and ended the same way. Wish we could all have such weeks on a regular basis. 

I spent last week in Anaheim at the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) national conference getting smart on CAP chaplaincy. Many thanks to the gracious hospitality of the CAP Chief of Chaplains, CH, Col, Charlie Sattgast who invited me to attend. Wednesday was spent with Charlie and his leadership team and was a great immersion process as they reviewed the past year’s events and milestones and looked at the “way ahead”.  Click here to Read More