Monroe County Veterans Court’s Graduate

May 23, 2018.  Madisonville, TN.

Air Force veteran Keith Duncan completes the Monroe County Veterans Court (VC) program with the support and care from Helen Ross McNabb Military Services Center Clinical Therapist Tony Weaver, Monroe County VC Judge Dwaine B. Thomas, Vet to Vet Tennessee (VTVT) VC Mentor Coordinator Bob Hatley and VTVT mentors.

Members of the Monroe County DAV, council members of the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council and several mentors attended the celebration.  Also in court this afternoon were members the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program.

After the graduation, Judge Thomas asked VTVT members to stay to witness the swearing in of three new CASA volunteers.   The court also recognized that Vet to Vet Tennessee is now assisting veterans in the family court/DCS system.  A partnership between CASA and VTVT will be very beneficial to the children of Monroe County.  Click here to view the graduation photos.

Congratulations Kevin!  Pay it forward.  Thank you Monroe County for caring for your citizens.

MCA’s Executive Director Waff Notes Veteran/Military Friendly Congregations.

Even though our brother Freddie Owens went to heaven on Good Friday, he is still hard at work making sure the Military Chaplain Association of America (MCA) is fulfilling a promise made to us at the last Vet to Vet Tennessee boot camp in March 2017.  During the boot camp, MCA’s Executive Director Lyman Smith announced the partnership between MCA and VTVT and agreed to launch our Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation nationally.  During the following months, a new was developed by MCA’s administrator Jack Figel and VTVT’s Treasurer Ed Junod in January 2018.   Several changes in the MCA leadership delayed the launching of the new website and a new Executive Director was elected in February January 2018.
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Morning Pointe of Powell’s Pre-Memorial Day Celebration

May 18, 2018 Powell, Tennessee

A wonderful ceremony was held at the Morning Pointe of Powell community at the request of Activities Director Michelle Krohn.

Vet to Vet Tennessee members, Sheryn and Don Davis, Michael McGraile, Robert Cooter, Bill Richards, Gary Corea and Ed Junod presented VTVT’s Armed Forces Medley program.

This facility is patriotic and filled with veteran residents. Attending the ceremony were 6 WWII, 13 WWII surviving spouses, 8 Korean War, 6 Korean surviving spouses, 5 Vietnam, 1 Vietnam War surviving spouse and 1 Desert Storm veteran participated in the event..  Two residents served in WWII and Korea and one Vietnam Veteran served 3 tours in Vietnam. Click here to Read More


Rio Revolution Celebrate Recovery Enrolls as a VMFM

On May 8, 2018 Rio Revolution Celebrate Recovery  began a “Welcome Home” share group led by Celebrate Recovery (CR) National Welcome Home Director Al North.

CR has been a successful Christ Centered 12 step program for over 25 years in over 29,000 congregations worldwide. Welcome Home is a new initiative by CR to identify veterans, military and their families and create Welcome Home share groups in existing CRs.

On May 10, 2018, Rio CR enrolled in the Veteran/Military Friendly Ministry program and becomes the sixth CR ministry in Eastern Tennessee.

Vet to Vet Tennessee President and Director North agreed to expand the Welcome Home program and encourage existing and new CRs to enroll in the Military Chaplain Association VMFC program.