New VA Executive Leadership – 2017

Mountain Home VA Medical Center (MHVAMC)

Mountain Home VA Medical Center Leadership attending a Council meeting on August 10, 2017. Left to right: Dr. Andrew Sexton, Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Mr. Dean Borsis, and council member Randy Scott.

Director of Mountain Home MHVAMC.  Dean B. Borsos has been appointed the medical center’s new director and will oversee delivery of health care to more than 170,000 veterans living in a 41-county area of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.  Mr. Borsos has 20 years of experience in managing health care systems and business operations with 10 years at the Department of Defense and Air Force.  He also served as vice commander for the Air Force Medical Support Agency.

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    1. Chaplain Vicars has been in the Army for almost 22 years. In January 2013 he joined the Department of Veterans Affairs; in 2017 Chaplain Vicars accepted the Chief of Chaplain Services position at the Mountain Home VA Medical Center. Chaplain Vicars service, leadership and vision has already had a positive impact for the veterans and their families in the Mountain Home VAMC catchment area. The Council had the pleasure of meeting Chaplain Vicars at our March 2017 council meeting.

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