David Lloyd Luttrell

David Lloyd Luttrell was a Army Korean War Veteran who served in the Korean War in 1952. David passed away 2 month after the Korean War Memorial Dedication in July 1995. His family submitted the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal application on his behalf.

The family received the medal shortly after submitting the application and sent the following letter and photos to Vet Vet Tennessee.

Vet to Vet,

On behalf of the Luttrell family, we wish to thank you and the Korean government for the Peace Medal. It will be passed on someday to his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Enclosed are pictures”

The second picture of our father with 2 Korean Veterans taken in July 1995 at the Korean War Memorial dedication in Washington, D. C. They had came up to him and said thank you and proceeded to place a lapel pin on him and they both had tears in their eyes as they did this and my brother said my dad was so touched that he too had tears in his eyes. As this was happening my brother summed it up “THEY GOT IT.” I think at this moment that our dad was finally at peace with the war, that what he meant something and that it was for not. Our father passed away 2 months later. Sincerely, David Lloyd Luttrell, Jr., Tsgt, USAF Retired and Robert Lynn Luttrell

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