Gratitude from Korean War Marine Corps Veteran Jack Lucus

“Dear Patriot, Honorable Gentlemen of America,

I wish to commend you for your great outpouring of the spirit of the mighty human soul.  America would not be America without great patriots and challengers such as you at Vet to Vet Tennessee.

America is made great only because of you and others that behold your principles.  I want to thank you and congratulate you on your immutable stand to serve others in need.

I am sending you documents that cover my career.  These documents should help you to understand my loyalty to the Marine Corps and to my Country.  What I have sent you is a sample of what others have stated about me. I give my wonderful wife credit for all of my accomplishment.  Betty is my teenage love and for ever she shall be my love.  Respectfully.”  

Mr. Jack Lucus received the Korean War Ambassador for Peace Medal in December 2020. His letter to Vet to Vet Tennessee describes his commitment to the United States of America, the U.S. Marine Corps and his family. Mr. Lucus and his wife Betty live in Sumrall Mississippi and presented Vet to Vet Tennessee with a generous donation for their support of America Korean War Veterans.

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