COVID 19 Vaccine available to Veterans

James H. Quillen VA has expanded the Veteran COVID-19 vaccination clinic to all Veterans in the following groups: Veterans 75 years and older, plus patients in the following specialty clinics: Home Based Primary Care, homeless Veterans, hemodialysis, solid organ/transplant list, chemotherapy, spinal cord injuries, and geriatric patient-aligned care team who are 85 years+. (Patients on chemotherapy should consult with their physician.)Supplies are still very limited, so we cannot guarantee everyone who shows up will receive a vaccine. We will continue our clinic and provide updates as more vaccines arrive. We welcome anyone in the above-listed groups to come to the main hospital between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note: Anyone who is not checked in by 3:00 p.m. will not receive a vaccine.

Of course, being eligible and getting it are two different things.  If you have not received the vaccine and want to get it, DO THIS IMMEDIATELY:  Call the VA COVID nurse at Mountain Home, 423-926-1171, ext. 3472.  You will be put on a list to receive the vaccine at the Knoxville Outpatient Clinic and you will be called when it is available.

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    1. Please contact your VA doctor at your local clinic or VA Medical Center. If you need help finding a telephone number please let us know where you live. Thanks for your service.

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