VA Removes Former D.C. Medical Center Director

09/20/2017 11:29 AM EDT  Department of Veterans Affairs

New Accountability Measures Used

WASHINGTON — Today, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it has fired former Washington, D.C., VA Medical Center Director Brian Hawkins for his failure to provide effective leadership to the D.C. Medical Center.  VA Removes Former D.C. Medical Center Director: New Accountability Measures Used

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Care Cuts of Knoxville Ministry joins VMFC

February 5, 2017 Knoxville Tennessee

Vet to Vet Tennessee received a telephone call from Janette Burgin, “Care Cuts” volunteer on February 1, 2017.  Care Cuts has grown from providing hair cut to so much more as many other volunteer organization and ministries support the event; i.e. Lady of Charities, Angelic Ministries,

Care Cuts has been trying for months to have support from the Department of Veterans Affairs or from a Veteran Service Organization.  After months of searching, V2VT was asked to participate in the upcoming Care Cuts Events.  Don & Sheryn Davis and Ed Junod said “Yes” immediately.

During the event V2VT provided suicide prevention material and presented numerous Vietnam War Commemoration presidential proclamations and lapel pins.  At the end of the day, V2VT members were in awe of the care and comfort that was provided to the homeless and poor.  Martha asked if they would join Care Cuts monthly; V2VT agreed.

Then Care Cuts of Knoxville enrolled in the Veteran/Military Friendly Ministry program. Once again another door opened by God.  Please let Martha what you think about her ministry or leave her a message to volunteer.

Volunteers in East Tennessee offered haircuts to help the folks who they say need it the most on Sunday. About 30 hair stylists at the GEO Hair Lab spent their afternoons giving away free haircuts to the homeless. Hundreds arrived what is now a monthly ministry event.

The promise of free haircuts, manicures and lunch brought hundreds of people to the GEO Hair Lab.  The event is called Care Cuts of Knoxville. As soon as the doors opened, people began filling up chairs to get their hair washed, cut and even dyed. Many women there also had the chance to get a manicure.

Everyone also received a free hamburger lunch and access to free books, clothes, shoes, cell phones, eye test and a lot more.

The people behind it say it’s an easy way for them to give back and see their work make a difference.  [1]“I noticed I wanted to do something more, but we work behind the chair every day.  And I knew I needed to do something, and I thought I can cut their hair” said founder Marti LaRue Baker.

The people sitting in the chairs were so thankful for these services, but the volunteers were just as happy to be there to help.

“Being homeless you don’t get those things. You feel like less of a woman, less of a human any ways. And just to get your hair done, and your nails done and have someone that actually cares about you makes you feel like 150% better”[2] said Jacqueline Rice, a Care Cuts Client.

“I never thought that a gift that God gave me would mean that much to someone. But for me and the others here it’s about love” said Care Cuts volunteer Paul Mingee

Care Cuts happens the first Sunday of every month.


1& 2  (© 2017 WBIR)


McNabb features Loudon County Veterans Court Graduate

December 6, 2016  Knoxville, Tennessee

Vet to Vet Tennessee received an electronic copy of the Helen Ross McNabb’ 2016 Annual Report.  Featured on front page is Michael McGrail, USMC, Graduate of the Loudon County Veteran Court and one of the first veterans who completed the new Helen Ross McNabb Military Services (HMMS) program.  Not only is he featured on the front page but has a featured story on page 15. Please click here to review the McNabb report.

The Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee are very proud of Michael and USMC James Wood for their hard work and dedication to their own recovery.  Dr. Melissa Rose, McNabb’s therapist, successfully facilitated their treatment plan (tx);  James & Michael were the first 2 Loudon County Veterans Court veterans to graduate after completing their tx with HMMS..


From left to right bottom row: Helen Ross McNabb Director of Loudon County Services, Amber McMillian, McNabb Military Services HMMS Therapist, Melissa Rose, M.Ed., V2VT Vice President Randall Scott, LCVC graduates James Wood and Michael McGraile, Michael’s wife Cindy and V2VT Secretary & 10th Judicial District Veterans Court Mentor Coordinator Robert Hatley.

Top row from left to right:HMMS Clinical Therapist John Chandler, Department of Veterans Affairs Mountain Home VAMC Director Daniel Synder, Chairman Ed Junod, Council Member Robert Cooter, V2VT President Freddie Owens, Loudon County Veterans Service Officer Edward Navvaro, V2VT member Rebecca Phillips and Council Member Don Davis.  Photo taken by Council Member Sheryn Davis.

Grace Veterans’ Ministry joins Vet to Vet TN to identify & honor Vietnam & Vietnam Era Veterans

October 5, 2016, OAK RIDGE—The Grace Lutheran Church of Oak Ridge’s Veterans’ Ministry has partnered with Vet to Vet Tennessee to assist in identifying Vietnam Era veterans; spouses of those veterans no longer living but not killed in action; civilians dscf1241who served the US during the Vietnam War; or those who served in the military from  November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975. Spouses whose husbands were killed or missing in action are also included in that number. Click here to view the entire press release.