Alcoa Veteran amputee finds growth while mowing lawn

Mowing the lawn is usually a chore many of us dread this time of year. But one Alcoa Veteran actually looks forward to it. Steve Lundy said he finds freedom in the same housework many feel trapped doing. “It felt absolutely great,” Lundy said. “I mowed this yard twice.”

He said mowing the lawn isn’t a burden, but instead an opportunity. In November 2019, this war veteran became a prisoner in his own home.

“I was feeling down in the dumps,” he told WVLT News reporter Robert Grant. “I couldn’t get out of my own house.” Lundy lost his leg last November because of poor circulation. He said he could either get it amputated or risk death.

An East Tennessee group, ‘Vet to Vet Tennessee’ stepped in to help and built Lundy a ramp leading up the front of his home. Click here to view the WVLT video report.

WVLT News covered the story back in November.

For Vet to Vet Tennessee, building the ramp was their duty to help another veteran.. However for Lundy, it was freedom.

“I could finally get out,” he said. “I’m beginning to help out around the house; outside the house.”

Lundy served overseas in the 1970’s. He was honorably discharged for his condition. Now, doctors are fitting him for a prosthetic leg.

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