Tennessee Supreme Court Endorsement

Dear Knox County Regional Veterans Council:

On behalf of the Administrative Office of the Courts, we are pleased to hear of your success in expanding your program and serving thirteen counties in East Tennessee. The efforts of the Knox County Veterans Regional Council to serve the veterans of this State are not only admirable,but also necessary. Veterans who find themselves involved with the criminal justice system deserve a program for support and recovery. Undoubtedly, this program is a valuable resource to the counties you serve and without them the specialized support would be unavailable to veterans.

The judicial system is grateful for your unfailing service and dedication to our State and to our veterans. We support your efforts as you are able to bring expanded services to veterans. Please call on us if we can be a resource to you In your future endeavors.

We are honored to participate in your announcement on September 29,2014 as you celebrate success and look forward to a strong future. Once again, congratulations on your accomplishments and thank you for serving the veterans of our great State.

Very truly yours,

Bill Young

TN Supreme Court AOC endorsement letter

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