A Missing Link to IA Drang

The warehouse clerk had gone to work in Vietnam on an average day in 1965.  A battle that had been brewing had just begun. You saw the movie and /or read the book..  We Were Soldiers Once… AND YOUNG.  Communist forces in Vietnam needed to learn how to fight the American Soldiers and their equipment.  They knew it would be different than fighting South Vietnamese soldiers with American equipment.

SONY DSCOur young warehouse clerk was unaware that when he received his orders to report to a helicopter landing pad, that he would be unloading, identifying, cleaning and zipping up the body bags of American Soldiers from a battle that will be forever discussed in American History.  Nor did he know the effect and damage this day would do to him internally, emotionally and spiritually.  When the day was over, 24 or more hours of unloading dead American Warriors, he was ordered back to his warehouse job  with no one to talk to about his experience and his ordeal.  No counseling, no debriefing, no medals. This is our story this weekend on THE VETERAN NEXT DOOR.

Saturday morning at 9 AM EST to hear the story of the late JR Tucker in his own words.

Sunday 9 Am EST to 11:00 AM EST to meet his family and friends.

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