VA Dr. Robert Hierholzer received “The JL” Award

Joseph “JL” Tucker Memorial Award Recipients

August 9, 2018.  Department of Veterans Affairs Knoxville Outpatient Clinic’s Acting Supervisory Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Hierholzer receives the JL Award from Mountain Home VAMC Facility Director Dean Borsis on behalf of the Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee for his outstanding service and sacrifice as the Chief Mental Health Director at the clinic for over 1 year.  Dr. Hierholzer also served as the Council’s KOPC liaison. Upon receiving the award from Mr. Borsis, Dr Hierholzer sent us the following email: Dr. Hierholzer retires at the end of August 2018.

“I was utterly surprised and honored to receive the Joseph “JL” Tucker Memorial Award from Mr. Borsos just a few moments ago.  It means a lot to me.  I will write more later, but until then I wanted to communicate my deep appreciation.”  Received Dr. Hierholzer’s more letter on 9-13-18.

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