Thank you so much!

Wyoming, Michigan.

“I wanted to give my sincerest thanks to you and your organization. My Grandfather Eugene G. Roberts was so happy and surprised when I gave him the Ambassador of Peace Medal from you guys. It definitely made his 85th birthday special. I also was able to locate a lost picture of him and his recon/scout squad from the war and had it blown up to be able to see faces and details again. When I was stationed overseas I had the luck to be in Korea for the 50th anniversary and of the Inchon Landing and the 50th anniversary of the Armistice Treaty. I was the first grandchild to enlist in the military from both sides of my family and its because I wanted to try to be even a half the man my grandpa was. I guess that’s why after the navy I joined the army because I didn’t feel I had lived up to his a man of his stature. As promised I have enclosed a photo of my grandfather and I. I am so lucky to still have my grandpa and listen to every story and enjoy every minute while I have with him. My grandpa does not use computers but he and my grandmother wanted to send their deep gratitude for honoring his service.”  Sincerely, Nathan D. Moran (Afghanistan/Korean Defense Vet) Click here to Read More



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