PA family receives Ambassador for Peace medal

New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Vet to Vet Tennessee (VTVT) received a few emails from Gene Kanary, son of US Army Korean War Veteran George Kanary thanking VTVT for helping his family obtain the Republic of South Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal.  Below are a few comments from Gene.

“Sadly my father has been gone for 28 years now. I have been investigating his time in Korea and that is how I happened across the mentioning of this medal. Talking to others that have applied for this medal, some have been waiting over a year, so not sure what the delay is through other sources, but yours is top notch, even if I was a little lucky. You might notice an increase in requests with all the recommendations for your organization I have made. Once again thanks for your help and I did happen to notice your donation link and made a donation to your organization. Keep up the good work!”  Gene R. Kanary Read More

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