Morning Pointe of Powell’s Pre-Memorial Day Celebration

May 18, 2018 Powell, Tennessee

A wonderful ceremony was held at the Morning Pointe of Powell community at the request of Activities Director Michelle Krohn.

Vet to Vet Tennessee members, Sheryn and Don Davis, Michael McGraile, Robert Cooter, Bill Richards, Gary Corea and Ed Junod presented VTVT’s Armed Forces Medley program.

This facility is patriotic and filled with veteran residents. Attending the ceremony were 6 WWII, 13 WWII surviving spouses, 8 Korean War, 6 Korean surviving spouses, 5 Vietnam, 1 Vietnam War surviving spouse and 1 Desert Storm veteran participated in the event..  Two residents served in WWII and Korea and one Vietnam Veteran served 3 tours in Vietnam. Click here to Read More


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