Lend a Hand to Veteran Day

Mission Accomplished, Vet Court Graduates Four!

A special ceremony took place on April 21, 2021 at the Robert “Bob” Hatley Veterans Service Center in Madisonville, Tennessee. Four Justice Involved Veterans graduated Monroe County Veterans Court, a citizen was recognized for her care and attention to an ailing Marine Court graduate, County Mayor Mitch Ingram officially proclaimed the day as “Lend a Hand Veterans Day”, and Mayor Ingram received a George A. Thomas Memorial Award in recognition of his loyalty and faithfulness to Veterans as the county’s chief executive. Mayor Ingram has been instrumental in expanding services available to the 3,800 county veterans-citizens, including providing a building to serve as headquarters for the county’s Veterans Service Officer Andy Boyd and headquarters to Vet to Vet Tennessee.

Click here to view the Event program.

Click here to read the full story by Lucas Boring, The Monroe County Buzz

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  1. I want to have my husband’s asjes buried in the ,veterans cemeratary in Knoxville, TN. I have sent for his DD214. Please send me the number i need to callto attange this. My phone number is
    941 475. 9277. Thank ypu

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