Vets describe runaround when calling crisis line

This link is a story of a Texas veteran records 36 minutes on hold!

One of our own Sands veterans just told us last week that his wife telephoned the VA Crisis Line, received a message she had a 30 minutes wait, and then they “listened to elevator music”.

Thank God our brother’s story had a good ending.  He continued to visit with his VA therapist, the Legacy Peer Support Group and his wife was an experienced care giver.

She found a solution to avoid a “suicide by cop” by driving him to a local hospital for care.  Later it was determined that our Sand veteran had his medication changed to a different medication.

Our Sands veteran is improving and continues to visit with his VA therapist and the Legacy Peer Support Group.  He is looking forward to a recommended VA in-house program.

 “Hasten, O God, to save me;
O Lord, come quickly to help me”
(Psalms 70:1).


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