VA Mental Health Specialty Therapy Services at the William C. Tallent Outpatient Clinic

Click here for more details and schedules   (865) 545-4592, Ext. 4259

Mental Health Specialty Therapy Services      

1.  Skill-Buidling Classes

2. Brief Individual Counseling

3.  Family and Couples Counseling

4. Peer Support Services

Other VA Treatment Programs

1. Legacy Peer Support Group (LPG)

2.Vet Center

3.Tele-Mental Health Counseling

4. Pain Education Class

5.  Substance Abuse Tele-Mental Health Classes

6. Residential Intensive PTSD Programs

7. Mental Health Intensive Case Management

Treatment Classes

1. Aggression Management

2.    Relaxation and Mindfulness

3.    Posttraumatic Stress Group

4.    Support and Family Education (SAFE)


Peer Support Group

1.Veterans of the Sand

2.  Targerting Strengths, Debunking Myths

3.  WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Group

4.  LGBT and Allies Veterans Group/Peer Support


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