Acronyms commonly used in our notes, texts, emails and posts.

CAPIAS           A warrant or order for arrest

CIRC                 Circuit Court

CPRS                Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

CBOC               Community Based Outpatient Clinic

DBSA               Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance   

FACA                Federal Advisory Committee Act

GSC                   General Sessions Court

HIPAA             Health Insurance Portability and       Accountability Act

IOP                    Intensive Outpatient

JD                      Judicial District

JIV                    Justice Involved Veteran

JFV                  Justice For Vets

KOPC             Knoxville Outpatient Clinic

KRVMHC      Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council 

LEO                   Law Enforcement Officer

LPG                   Legacy Peer Support Group

LRC                   Local Recovery Coordinator

MH                    Mental Health

MHEB              Mental Health Executive Board

MIA                   Missing in Action

MST                   Military Sexual Trauma

NAMI                National Alliance on Mental Illness

NADCP             National Association of Drug Court Professionals

OEF                   Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan

OIF                    Operation Iraqi Freedom

OND                  Operation New Dawn, Afghanistan

PAIR                 PTSD Awareness, Intervention, Resolution

POST                Peace Officer Standards and Training

POW                 Prisoner of War
POW                 Prisoner of War   (Knox County VTC)

PSS                    Peer Support Specialist

PTS/PTSD        Post Traumatic Stress (Disorder)

 PRRC                Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center

SANDS              Veterans of OEF/OIF/OND

SITREP             Situation report

 SSVF                 Supportive Services for Veterans & Families

 SUD                   Substance Use Disorders

 TADCP             Tennessee Association of
Drug Court Professionals

TBI                    Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

TBI                    Traumatic Brain Injury

 TDOC               TN Department of Corrections

TDVA            TN Department of Veterans Affairs

TVCH             TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless

TVCEH           TN Valley Coalition to End Homelessness

TVCOC           TN Valley Continuum of Care

V2V                 Vet to Vet

VA                    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

VAMC              VA Medical Center

VBA                  Veterans Benefits Administration

VFW                  Veterans of Foreign Wars

VBR                  Veterans Benefits Representative

VHA                  Veterans Health Administration

VOA                  Volunteers of America

VOP                  Violation of Parole/Probation

VISN                 Veterans Integrated Service Network

VRCC                Veterans Recovery Center Council

VTCC                 Veterans Treatment Court Committee

VJO                    Veteran Justice Outreach

VSO                   Veteran Service Officer

VSO                   Veteran Service Organization

V2V                   Vet to Vet


VA                     U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


VAMC              VA Medical Center


VBA                   Veterans Benefits Administration


VBR                   Veterans Benefits Representative


VHA                  Veterans Health Administration


VOA                  Volunteers of America


VOP                   Violation of Parole/Probation


VISN                  Veterans Integrated Service Network


VTC                   Veterans Treatment Court


VTCC                Veterans Treatment Court Committee


VJO                 Veteran Justice Outreach


VSO                 Veteran Service Officer


VSO                  Veteran Service Organization

VVA                  Vietnam Veterans of America

If you heard one of us using an acronym that you do not understand please let your comment below.  We will review your comments and if appropriate we will add it to our acronym list.  Thank you.

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