Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 1078 Knoxville, TN

On August 20, 2014 VVA Chapter 1078 endorsed the Knoxville Regional Mental Health Council.  “On behalf of VVA Chapter 1078, I submit this endorsement of the achievements and continued need of the LPG groups for Veterans PTSD related issues, Veteran Friendly Congregations, and Veterans Treatment Court.  VVA 1078 wholeheartedly agrees that the efforts of the Knoxville Regional Mental Health Council are needed to fill the gaps in Veteran care that are left open by the VA”. Denise J. Ramier, Secretary & Treasurer.

VVA Chapter 1078 is our second Veteran Service Organization endorsement which will be added to our “Honored Supporters” list.

Rich Gill, email:  telephone: 865-321-1435

President–Rich Gill
Vice-President–Ron Kirby
Secretary-Treasurer–Denise Ramier

The following are the Board of Directors for 2014

Gary Ellis (past President John Conway David Head
Bill Keck Craig Rice Ben Pack
Phil Claxton Joe Long Don Smith
Jim Martin Chaplain – Ron Mays Sargent-at Arms – Craig Rice