V2VT Peer Support Group

1st & 3rd Monday- 1000-1200; Korean & Vietnam Veterans.   Elmcroft of West Knoxville, Library, 8024 Gleason Drive, Knoxville, TN

Every Monday- 1100-1300 (Desert Storm, OEF, OIF, OND Veterans) V2VT Knox County Outpost  Concord United Methodist Church, Building East 1,  room 101, 11020 Roane Dr, Knoxville, TN.  Contact Karl Griffith @931-980-6141 or leave a message below to learn more or to join the group.

Every Wednesday- 1100-1200 (Desert Storm, OEF, OIF, OND Veterans)  V2VT Monroe County Outpost, 102 Street College South, Madisonville, TN.

Confidentiality.  While not limitless confidentiality is essential and makes it possible for us as peers to discuss our condition without fear of repercussions.  Even when the individual is known to the supporter, confidentiality is an essential element to allow the individual to overcome apprehensions about stigma and negative repercussions and to freely discuss his or her concerns.  Confidentiality is a must for all parties involved in this peer support program.  Please review V2VT's guidelines for meeting attendance which is required for all attendees to review and sign.  Click here for a copy of the V2VT's meeting guidelines.

While confidentiality is not limitless, it must be respected.  “Recovery for me is a series of steps.  Sometimes the steps are small, like fixing lunch, taking a walk, following my daily routine.  Small steps add up.” (Anonymous)

We want to help you achieve a balanced life so that you can help others as you help yourself.  Now take a small step and contact us.

Peer Support is different from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ evidenced-based process; Peer support is a strength-based process.   According to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Handbook 1163.04 Article 2.a. “Peer Support is a fundamental building block of recovery-oriented services. Within the recovery literature, Peer Support is a promising best practice which provides role models for Veteran consumers (we use the term “Veteran”) of the Department of Veterans Affairs mental health care program to engender hope, demonstrate recovery, and teach advocacy skills among other valuable practices.

The first PTSD Work group was created and formed by Department of Veterans Affairs' Clinical Therapist Dr. Donald R. Richardson on April 18, 2011.  The group consisted of 1 Korean, 1 Iraqi and 21 Vietnam Veterans who met at the VA Knoxville Outpatient Clinic (KOPC) weekly for two hours.  LPG was developed in cooperation with the Department of Veterans Affairs' Mountain Home Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), KOPC, the Knoxville Vet Center, Vet to Vet USA and the 23 Veterans of Dr. Richardson's PTSD work group.

Legacy Peer Support Group (LPG) is named in memory of our fallen hero, Vietnam Army Veteran George Thomas, whose courage, integrity, kindness and faith is an inspiration to all.  George Thomas is one of the original 23 PTSD Work group members who served a critical role in creating LPG.

Our legacy, is to continue to support each other as we did when we were active duty.  We watched each others 6 (backs) and our mission is to continue that tradition.  Regardless of our generation or war, we share the bond that comes with military service.  We do not judge each other.  We support each other now with the same intensity we did in service.  Our experiences during our military service provide us with unique strengths and capabilities; they allow us to see opportunities, hope and solutions, rather than just problems and hopelessness.  Join us in helping other Veterans recover and grow from those painful memories, depression, family issues, and dependencies that have controlled their lives and ruined many dreams and goals.



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