George A. Thomas Memorial Award Recipients

George A. Thomas Memorial Award Recipients

January 11, 2018.  Award bestowed to Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.  Presented by President Freddie Owens. Mayor Burchett has devoted his service to all citizens in Knox County, but especially to the men and women who have so valiantly served our Country.

Original supporter of the Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative and many other Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee programs from 2012-2018.

January 10, 2018.  Award bestowed to Donna’s Old Town Cafe.  Presented by Bob Hatley to co-owner Melissa Graves. Supporting, serving and caring for Veterans and their families in Monroe County.  Melissa Graves and Donna Ellis have been supporting faith-based organization for decades including Sweetwater’s Celebrate Recovery


November 12, 2017.  Award bestowed to Rev. Dr. Ed King, Senior Pastor of Redemption Church, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Presented by President Freddie Owens.  Dr. King was instrumental in the development of the Council’s “Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative” which has now become a national program through the Military Chaplains Association of America;  now named “Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation.”


November 11, 2017.  Award bestowed to Kathy Jackson, Executive Director of Blount County Habitat For Humanity.  Presented by Sandy Thomas and Stacy homas Eggers, Chairman Ed Junod.  Kathy’s interested and support helped to create the Vet to Vet Tennessee’s “Repairs for Heroes”.  A new veteran housing program that helps to repair the “mind, body, spirit and home.”

November 11, 2017.  First George A. Thomas Memorial Award bestowed to Blount County Mayor Ed Mitchell during Blount County’s 49th Veterans Day Event.   Presented by George Thomas’ surviving spouse Sandy Thomas, daughter Stacy Thomas Eggers, President Freddie Owens and Chairman Ed Junod.