Faith Based Community Committee

Our Council unanimously approved the formation of the Faith-Based Community Committee (FBCC) on November 21, 2013 and developed the vision for a Veteran Friendly Community.   The Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative (VFCI) was launched in January 2014 which created our first "When War Comes Home" Forum  on May 1, 2014.  More than 100 members from 50 different churches, ministries and area Veteran friendly organization attended the moving ceremony.  Thank you for your participation in the “When War Comes Home Forum” which contributed to an extremely successful event with life changing impact for our veteran communities.  We appreciate your interest and the investment of your time spent learning how your congregation can better serve veterans and their families.

Dr. Ed King, featured keynote speaker for the event, is the founder and senior pastor of Redemption Church, a thriving community service congregation located in Knoxville.  Dr. King addressed the specific needs of returning veterans along with the special concerns of their families and urged the clergy in attendance to ramp up their support by partnering with VFCI.

"It was wonderful to have Chaplains from Army and Air Force Guard units give us their perspective and ask our community to assist in helping families with soldiers and airmen who are now in harm's way for all of us" stated Chaplain Dennis Lovin, VFCI Co-Chairman. Chaplain Lovin and Chairman Fred Owens are coordinating efforts with business, civic and congregational leaders.

Your commitment toward becoming a Veteran Friendly Congregation begins with raising awareness among the members that you now have this program in place.  We urge you to publish this ministry in your bulletins, newsletters and websites at least on a monthly basis. Your veterans need to know to whom they can turn for assistance.

We stand ready to help.  We are volunteers who want to encourage you to help us bring an end to the suffering of our fellow veterans.  Thank you again for what you will do to serve those who have served! 

Please contact Freddie Owens or Dennis Lovin at 865-336-2624

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