70% Suicidal Deceased Veterans die without using VA care

Congressional Testimony:  Veteran Suicide

If you have a few minutes you will find Dr. Craig J. Bryan’s testimony to the Senate Committee of Veterans’ Affairs of interest.

Dr. Bryan’s testimony, “Of greatest relevance to the current hearing, from 2001 to 2014 the suicide rate among Veterans who do not use VA services increased by 39% from 2001 to 2014, whereas the suicide rate among VA users increased by only 9%.” But most relevant is this quote: “…only 30% of all Veterans who died by suicide were VA users, which means the considerable majority of suicides are occurring among Veterans external to the VA.”

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Dr. Heidi Vermette receives Joseph “JL” Tucker Memorial Award

The highest recognition the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council (Council) and Vet to Vet Tennessee (V2VT) can bestow on an individual is the Jospeh “JL” Tucker Memorial Award.  The award was presented to the former Associate Chief of Staff Mental Health Dr. Heidi Vermette by Mountain Home VAMC Facility Director Mr. Dean Borsis on behalf of the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council (Council) and Vet to Vet Tennessee on October 17, 2017.

Dr. Vermette was the first Mountain Home VAMC liaison to the Council in November 14, 2013.  She remained in that position until September 2017.

Even though the Council and the Mountain Home VAMC leadership had enormous bridges to build, Dr. Vermette never stop trying to “help veterans.”  Her leadership and vision really excelled in January 2016 with the support from acting Facility Director Dan Synder.

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Vet to Vet TN Joins United Veterans of Blount County

October 17, 2017  Maryville, Tennessee

During the October 17, 2017 of the United Veterans of Blount County (UVBC) monthly meeting, a motion to accept Vet to Vet Tennessee as their newest Veterans Organization was approved unanimously.

Currently the organization’s members are: American Legion Post 13 & Auxiliary, Maryville AMVETS Post 22 & Auxiliary, Disabled American Veterans Blount County Chapter 76 & Auxiliary, Military Order Purple Heart Sam Houston Chapter 1814 & Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars Blount County Post 5154 & Auxiliary, World War 1 Barracks 3074 and Veterans of Foreign Wars John J. Duncan, Sr. Memorial Post 10855.

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