Announcements from Council’s April Meeting

March 31, 2017  Knoxville, Tennessee

During the March Council meeting, Mountain Home ACOS of PCCM Dr. Elizabeth Bishop presented two awards to two council members.

The first award was presented to Freddie Owens, Council Co-Chairman with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.  The award is for Freddie lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through his volunteer veteran advocacy service.  Freddie is the second member of the Council who has received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Bishop also presented Council Chairman Ed Junod with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Dedicated Service Award in recognition of 7,500 hours of dedicated volunteer service to Veterans. Ed was the first member of the council to receive the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

The Council announced that Vet to Vet Tennessee (V2VT) members added 19 new Veteran Volunteers on March 22, 2017.  This brings the total number of V2VT’s VA volunteers to 23.  The new volunteers triple the current number of Volunteer at the Knoxville Outpatient Clinic. The new volunteers are:

Barbara & Randy Scott, Sheryn & Don Davis, Wayne Arden, Bob Hatley, Dwaine Thomas, Elton Jones, George Howell Jr., Henry Cleveland, John Rogers, Karl Griffith, Katie Kinney, Ken Russell, Mary Ann Tackett, Melvin Oggs, Michael Wayne Crawford, and Dr. P. Virgil Travis,  The VA and us are are so excited to have them join VA volunteer team.  The new platoon contributed 1,390 volunteer hours for their first month.

If you are interested in joining the V2VT team, please call 865-336-2624 or leave a message below.



Military Chaplain Association Weekly Newsgram

Weekly Newsgram – March 29th, 2017
When War Comes Home Boot Camp

Last year the MCA received the Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC) program from the CareForTheTroops organization. This program is a ground -up initiative to assist congregations and other communities of faith in becoming intentionally “friendly” for veterans, actively serving military, and all their families. We currently have over 50 congregations enrolled in five states and the District of Columbia.

A primary supporter of this program is the Vet2Vet TN organization. This unique volunteer service group, operating in East TN, has linked together congregations, veterans’ courts, the Mountain Home VA Medical Center, the Helen Ross McNabb Center for behavioral health, Care Cuts, and many other service organizations to provide for the needs of veterans throughout their region.

Vet2Vet TN is a remarkable organization in which veterans help veterans in every life circumstance. Their enthusiasm and dedication ensure veterans have opportunities denied them in many other locales.

Vet 2 Vet TN hosted a “When War Comes Home” boot camp on Friday, March 24th, and encouraged family members and friends of veterans to attend to learn more about supporting veterans who may have PTSD or other post-war problems.

I joined with them for the day and presented our VMFC program and provided an overview of the MCA. We look forward to continued cooperation with Vet2Vet TN and other organizations dedicated to holistic support services for our nation’s heroes.


Lyman Smith

Executive Director

VMFC Trifold

New VMFC enrolls during Boot Camp

March 24, 2017 Knoxville, Tennessee

First Baptist Concord Church enrolls during the “When War Comes Home” boot camp.

Jenny Testerman, Veteran Champion for the church attended the first When War Comes Home forum in September 2014 and was hoping the church register during the forum.  After 2 ½ years, First Baptist Concord was enrolled by Jenny Testerman.  Please welcome Senior Pastor Dr. John Avant and Jenny into our VMFC ministry.


Boot Camp on Friday March 24, 2017

March 24, 2017 Knoxville, Tennessee

Our second “When War Comes Home” boot camp on Friday, March 24, 2017.  If you participated in our first boot camp in May 2014, you won’t want to miss this event or if this is your first Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation initiative please attend.

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