Legacy Peer Support Group (LPG)

Peer Support is different from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ evidenced-based process; Peer support is a strength-based process.   According to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Handbook 1163.04 Article 2.a. “Peer Support is a fundamental building block of recovery-oriented services. Within the recovery literature, Peer Support is a promising best practice which provides role models for Veteran consumers (we use the term “Veteran”) of the Department of Veterans Affairs mental health care program to engender hope, demonstrate recovery, and teach advocacy skills among other valuable practices.

1st & 3rd Monday- 1000-1200; Korean & Vietnam Veterans.   Elmcroft of West Knoxville, Library, 8024 Gleason Drive, Knoxville, TN

Every Wednesday- 1100-1200 (Desert Storm, OEF, OIF, OND Veterans)  V2VT Monroe County Outpost, 102 Street College South, Madisonville, TN.

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