East TN Veterans Treatment Court Committee

Veterans across the nation are volunteering in Veterans Treatment Courts and coming to the aid of their fellow veterans who are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health conditions.  In this gripping documentary short you will be face to face with the volunteer veterans of the Orange County Veterans Treatment Court.  Learn how they are once again serving their nation and witness the transformation brought about by a community that won't give up on its veterans.

The Committee's mission was twofold:

  1. Start the first Veterans Treatment Court in East Tennessee
  2. Start a VTC Hub in Tennessee

We are proud to announce that the Committee's mission has been accomplished and expanding to include 20 counties in East Tennessee.

The first veteran in the Knox County Veterans graduated on September 10, 2014.  Jeff tell his amazing transformation story in the short video below!

A special thank you to the Honorable Chuck Cerny and Director Ron Hanaver, of the Knox County Recovery Court who agreed to start a VTC in Knox County in May 2013.  As a result of the partnership between and the East TN VTC committee a VTC Hub program was developed to support, train and sponsor as many judicial district in Tennessee.

Our first veteran was transferred from the Shelby County VTC on January 10, 2014 which is the official beginning of the Knox County Veterans Treatment Court.

We are grateful and honored for the dedicated, vision, service and sacrifice the members of the committee has provided.  Without them we would not have a successful VTC Hub.

Please contact anyone one of the committee members listed below or leave a message below.

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2 Replies to “East TN Veterans Treatment Court Committee”

  1. I am a therapist at a local drug and alcohol treatment program, interested to exploring into any potential opportunity of partnering with your program as means of offering your veterans an additional resource in ensuring the success of their recovery. I would like to set an appointment with you to discuss this beneficial possibility at your convenience. Thank you

    1. Good morning Richard. Thank you for your interest in helping our American heroes. Please give us a call at 865-336-2624 to discuss the opportunities to support our veterans.

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