Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation Initiative

Research consistently shows that clergy and congregation leaders – not psychologists or other mental health experts – are where people  seek help in times of psychological distress; eventually they then seek therapy from professional clinicians. The most recent study we know of where this was cited was done by Baylor University, October 2008.

Did you know that veterans are five times (5X) more likely to seek help from their clergy than every VA service combined? Department of Veterans Affairs Chief of Chaplain Services Reverend John Oliver made this statement in 2012.
Congregation-based Military Ministry Programs are a step toward supporting active military and veterans of the current and past conflicts. These programs are fundamental to the success of the Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative’s  (VFCI) effort as they represent the primary participation vehicle for Congregations to participate in the VFCI and also an important element in qualifying as a Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC). It is a key way for spreading the word and connecting with military family members in need on a local level.  Enroll here to help make a difference in our veterans lives.
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