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      1. Welcome Home George. Thanks for the query about one of the best Veterans Cemeteries in the Country. The East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery is located at 2200 E Governor John Sevier Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37920. Please call them to enroll at 865-577-3228. We also received your email requesting the Vietnam War Commemoration presidential proclamation and lapel pin. They were sent to you today. Have a blest day. Ed

    1. Hello, I am a retired vet, I have the data for my wife and I to be intered, however if you could verify. My father and mother are intered in your facility one John & Emma Miller. If you could confirm what steps are required i would be pleased.

    2. Is anything planned at the cemetery on 11/11 ?
      My husband is there and our children will be coming home and going to the cemetery with me

      1. Good morning Rosemary, Parade downtown includes ceremony. Step off is 1045. Ceremony is 1100 on the 11th day of the 11th month remembering the Armistice. No cemetery ceremony.

        1. ONLY the two East TN Veteran Cemeteries at John Sevier and Lyons View WILL BE placing flags this Saturday, 11/9, in honor of Veterans Day. Knoxville National Cemetery on Tyson Street does NOT put flags out for Veterans Day. They only do so for Memorial Day. There is INCORRECT information going around the internet/Facebook that the National Cemetery was going to place flags as well. Like I said, they are NOT. Please pass that information along to anyone you know that thinks National is placing flags.

          If you would like to volunteer please arrive at one of the two cemeteries this Saturday by 8:00 am and flag placement will begin shortly thereafter. Remember to bring a short piece of rebar or screwdriver and a hammer to make the hole for the flag stick so it is easier to place in ground.

    3. Question – Do the Tennessee Veterans Cemeteries have the same or similar restrictions as the Natioanal Cemeteries due to the COVID-19?
      If not, what restrictions are in place over and above Governor Lee’s
      restrictions on travel and group size?

      1. Good morning Glen. We contacted Don Smith, Rhea County Veterans Service Officer and former TN VA Assistant Secretary. Don provided us with the following information: “They are currently postponing any memorial services until restrictions are lifted. They do not anticipate any updates to that policy until the end of next week and at that expect they will go back to services but still with the limitation of no more than 10 people in attendance. That is what they anticipate but will not know for sure until they receive further guidance.” Please refer to the TN Department of Veterans Services website,
        https://www.tn.gov/veteran for further updates. We appreciate Mr. Smith continuous support.

    4. I am in the process of updating my WILL and one of the questions ask me where I would like to be buried.

      I would like to find out if I would be eligible to be buried at the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery? I am a retired Army veteran with 26 years of service. My Dad is buried at this cemetery and I would be honored to be buried in the same cemetery.



      1. Good morning Mr. McBee. Thank you, your father for your service and sacrifice. Please contact the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery Director Mr. Kevin Knowles at 865-577-3228.

    5. I am a Veteran and plan to be buried there when I pass away .. do I just have my wife or
      a familymember to find out about that at my passing ,or can I get information now or do I get on a list ? Also can my wife also be there with me we both plan to be creamated Thank You

      1. Good morning William. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Preregistration is a great idea. Contact the East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery on John Sevier Highway to answer all of your question. Their telephone number is (865) 577-3228. Be safe, happy and blest.

    6. Is there a contact list that I can get on to be informed of when homeless veterans are put to rest? I belong to a group that wants to present flags at the cemetery entrance for the processions when possible.

      1. Good morning Rodney. I would recommend that you contact Kevin Knowles, Director of the two East Tennessee State Veteran Cemeteries in Knox County, 2200 East Governor John Sevier Highway and at 5901 Lyons View Pike. His telephone number is (865) 577-3228. Appreciate your concern for our homeless deceased veterans. Be safe and blest.

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