Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation enrolled

We are honored that you have registered as a Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC).  The VMFC of the Military Chaplains Association (MCA) continues to grow as an increasing number of congregations respond to the call to care for military members, veterans, and their families. Here is the latest update from MCA's October 5, 2016 Newsgram.

If you need some support in starting your Military Ministry or want to learn more or need someone to meet with you clergy leadership, please contact at Freddie Owens at 865-336-2624 or visit the Military Chaplains Association's Veteran Friendly Congregation website to learn more about the national VFCM initiative.


This file includes all of the information for a new Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation , Veteran/Military Friendly Ministry or Veteran/Military Friendly Organization to get started. 

On December 29, 2016 CareForTheTroops (CFTT) went out of business and ended a three year affilitation with the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council (Council) and Vet to Vet Tennessee (V2VT).  The announcement was unforeseen, however, CFTT Executive Director Peter McCall and CFTT had been preparing for this transition for months.  They found their answer through prayer, dedication and tireless work.  The VFCI mission was transferred from CFTT to MCA.

In January 2016, V2VT began working with MCA during the transition.  On April 27, 2016 MCA published this Newsgram about the Council's two major initiatives:  VMFCs and Veterans Courts. MCA and the Council continues to grow as an increasing number of congregations realize the importance of care for the veteran and their families.

 Lead Congregations

Lead Congregations are essential to our Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative’s ability to spread this ministry and the information needed both by military families and referral sources. Lead Congregations are the LEADERS in their geography and become the organization responsible for spreading the word about this help.  Now with the support from the Military Chaplains Association, the Knoxville Regional Mental Health Council's Faith based Community Committee and Vet to Vet Tennessee we are no able to expand the Council's statewide and national.

Once a congregation chooses to begin a “Military Ministry” within their congregation, You may choose to become a Lead Congregation.  Doing so, you will encourage other Congregations in your geographic proximity of all faiths to implement these programs.

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