Tennessee Veterans’ Treatment Court Mentor Creed


 Tennessee Veterans' Treatment Court Mentor's Creed©

"In the long and honored tradition of voluntary military service in Tennessee,

knowing "all we can do is help", this is my creed: 

I humbly ask for God's help, realizing I am ever in need of His Guidance in this work, praying for my Veteran's success.

In the spirit of "leave no one behind", I will constantly encourage my fellow Veteran to refuse to lose, but to choose life, liberty, and service to others.

Should my Veteran relapse, I will encourage him or her back on the path to recovery.

I will keep confidences entrusted to me.

I will uphold the honor and dignity of the Court.

I will do my best to inspire my Veteran to the highest and best standards, and return to their rightful place of dignity, honor, and respect in our society."

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