Vet to Vet Tennessee Challenge Coin


Vet to Vet Tennessee Challenge Coin 00003

The Vet to Vet Tennessee (VTVT) Challenge Coin, which is 1.5” – 3mm Thick High Polish Gold Challenge Coins w/Color both sides – Rope Cut Edge, shows the VTVT motto on the front (“heads”), “Each One, Reach One, Teach One.” On the reverse (“tails”), we have the name of our organization – by proudly displaying the US flag with two dog tags. Left dog tag “Vet to Vet Tennessee; right dog tag “Remembering Those Who Have Served

On the “heads” side of the coin, our motto shows three white stars inside a red band in a blue background, where the stars represent our motto and the grand divisions of Tennessee. On the “tails” side the coin is surrounded by a blue band and an American flag as the background with 2 dog tags. The coin was designed in 2017 by Don & Sheryn Davis, Ed Junod, and an artist working for Challenge Coins LLC.

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