New Vet to Vet Middle TN

On September 28, 2014 we are proud to announce the approval to form a new Vet to Vet Middle TN!  Founder of Vet to Vet James “Moe” Armstrong, Vet to Vet USA National Trainer Ed Drew and Vet to Vet TN Outreach Officer Ed Junod joined Harry “Top” Hishon and Charlie Trawick for this historical event.  The group executed a memorandum of understanding to form and operate as Vet to Vet Middle TN.  Top Hishon is the new Vet to Vet TN President, Charlie Trawick is the Vet to Vet Middle TN Vice President and Bill Kampbell is their Chaplain.

Vet to Vet Middle TN covers 40 counties which has almost 200,000 veterans living in their communities.  Click here to view the vet population by county.

Vet to Vet Middle TN will be a part of their Veteran Mental Health Council, will for a Faith-Based Community Committee and a Veterans Treatment Court Committee and will set up a VTC hub to service the 40 counties in their service area.  Vet to Vet TN’s bylaws are the same as Vet to Vet TN to provide consistency in the mission and purpose of Moe Armstrong’s vision.  One new section was added to include a Chaplain as part of the Board of Directors. Bill Kampbell, MSgt. USMC (Ret.) has accepted the position.

Please welcome our new Vet to Vet Middle TN by emailing their President Top Hishon or by leaving a comment below or calling 865-336-2624..


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